Everything we do contains the element of performance. Whether we choose what we do or not, we retain a measure of control over how we do it. Whether the control is conscious or not, the control is ours. It is our exercise of control over what we do that governs how we perform. Exercising control over our actions is the full measure and extent of our free will.

Everything we do contains the element of performance. Performance is a continuous state that is bounded by birth on one side and death on the other. In effect, each life is a single performance made up of a collection of performances, with performances nested inside of each other like a set of infinite Matryoushka dolls.


Each action is a performance. An action can be a performance that wins a coveted prize or it can be a neural impulse that causes the release of a neurotransmitter that causes a cascade of events that result in the generation of an idea. Large or small, each action is a part of a process that is based on these elements:

  1. Reception of information
  2. Sorting of relevant from non-relevant information
  3. Perception of the nature of the information
  4. Comparing the perception against similar prior known information
  5. Creating an action purpose
  6. Evaluation of best fit for current to prior experience relative to the action purpose
  7. Response to the information based on the action purpose
  8. Outcome experience
  • Cycle back to the start for another round

This 8 step process governs everything that happens for you, from the cellular level up to the most complex sets of planned actions that you can take. This process governs voluntary and involuntary actions. This process governs unconscious and conscious actions. This process runs a mind-boggling millions of times per second everywhere throughout your being. Thankfully, well over 99% of the actions required to keep you performing are done automatically in the background.

There is only one difference between an unconscious and a conscious process. The difference is in the positioning of the ‘Creating an Action Purpose’ step. The process outlined above is for a unconscious process. In a conscious process that step is moved to the top of the list. When this change is made to the process the action becomes intentional. And it is this intetionality that gives you the control over your performance.

At Pace Performance Enhancement we work with you to develop your ability to create and direct your intentionality so that you can get the performance that you want.

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